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Hello, I'm James, and I'm a First Officer flying for a UK airline. The aim of this website is to share my journey through integrated pilot training, and to hopefully inspire other future airline pilots to follow their dream.

A little more about me: I started training when I was 19, I'm originally from Cheshire, UK, and I was a member of the seventh airline-mentored MPL course at CAE Oxford Aviation Academy. Our team of eight met together for the first time on 28th June 2013. During ground school we were joined by fifteen other trainee pilots, making us part of the AP351 course. Whilst we completed all of our flight training in the UK, the AP351 members of our course completed their flight training in Phoenix, Arizona.

My aim was to keep my friends and family up-to-date with my training through periodic updates to the The Aviator Blog page of my website. I always welcome questions, suggestions or contributions at any time through the Contact page. You can now also Subscribe to my blog, to receive an email when an update is posted.

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A New Beginning

Today, I turned a corner. 

At around 7:55am, I found myself unlocking the door to the store where I'd worked for the past two and a half years. I was accompanied by colleagues, who were friends, and together we began the last day of my employment with the electrical retailer.

Following a motivational team briefing, which I'd only had the chance to practise a handful of times before, I opened the doors to the public for my first and last time. The next several hours passed quickly, and I found myself enjoying every moment of leading the team. It's something I love to do. It's a privilege to be a part of team that works well, and this team certainly does. My last day in the business was spent solely in charge of the multi-million pound turnover store, and what a day it transpired to be.

It was midday when the tannoy rang my name, and I was summoned to the front of the store. I found smiling faces, a cake decorated with sparklers, and a colleague dressed as a flight attendent. I couldn't believe my eyes, and neither could our customers. We laughed, we reminisced, and we made the most. 

As quickly as the last few years had passed, my final day was drawing to a close. The handshakes were made, the contact details exchanged. We'd stay in touch. 

It wasn't until I was driving home, over the route I'd driven hundreds of times before, that I realised that this was a new beginning. I was driving myself away from my first employment, and toward the place I'd always dreamed I'd go.

My journey had begun. 


Credit: Mike Messerli

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